The Before, The Bad, and The Ugly

We purchased the house in August of 1998. These are the before pictures. You can’t tell by looking at the pictures but the paint is starting to fade and chip off.

If you look closely at the yellow house next to us, you will see a small pine tree to the left. Fast forward 14 years and you will see that our view is significantly blocked. -under the tab exterior remodel begins

One of the reasons we bought this house was because of the Views!
Not quite sure what the previous owners were thinking when they put this rock pattern down. I think part of it is to hold up the hill that becomes the RV driveway to the back, but it wasn’t working and was beginning to erode. Stay tuned for the update on this part of the yard and rv driveway and parking.

This side of the house has 3 stories to it. The bottom story is a dirt basement and it kind of creepy. One day we hope to make it some kind of a room.
Notice the huge Digger Pine tree. It had quite the lean to it and so it had to go. $$$
Not sure about the wonky chainlink fence that curves all over the side/rear but I think the previous owners kept their dog behind it. Poor baby.

This is the back of the house. The side yard is actually the large part of the yard. The deck is in really bad shape, and the railings, well if you shook them hard enough, they’d probably fall off. This deck is lacking space and drops off to a hole under the bay window, trash and petrified dog poop were compliments of the previous owners. -Thanks! 
Stay tuned for pics of the new deck and outdoor kitchen and spa.

This is to the left of the deck at the back of the house. Well, at least it has RV parking. One of our must haves when home shopping.
The living room. Uh boy!!  We have our work cut out.

This is how we set up our house for 2 weeks while we waited for our furniture to arrive. It was a blessing in disguise. Before the furniture arrived I had a chance to give the house a good scrubbing and order and have downstairs carpet installed.
I cannot think of an uglier kitchen. Something had to be done, and fast! Even when the kitchen was clean, it still managed to look cluttered because of all the patterns. -grain of the oak, little tiles with wide grout, a grid pattern on the linoleum floor and then the grid pattern of the fluorescent lighting. 

I don’t have a lot of pictures of the inside of the house, before, but based on these photos, you’ll get an idea of what we were dealing with.

From about 2002 to mid 2012 This was the color of our house, below. We love how great it turned out. Problem was, the wind and rain elements battered the new paint within 2 years.

This is year 2012, with peeling paint and cracked siding. Plus we really hate how ordinary and boring this side is.
We must come up with an idea to make this side more appealing.

Plans are in our heads of exactly what to do with the dilapitated siding.

What you can't see from this angle is the basement story of our house, hidden behind this hill.
Yes, 3 Stories High! A boom will have to be rented to replace the siding on this side. Yikes!

We knew we had to take drastic measures to preserve our house. Stay tuned. We've been working our tails off on this exterior..... 
Click here to see the exterior siding facelift.
Click here to see how the front yard is progressing.

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