Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sunflowers Everywhere! –an epidemic of the good kind.

Last year I planted Sunflowers in my garden so that the birds would be attracted to the seeds, rather than the cherries on the trees. It worked a bit, however buying mylar balloons and tying them onto the branches works just as well, if not better. -The bright, shiny wavy, reflective balloons scare them away from the Cherry trees. Uh-oh I am just a few sentences into my blog and I am already digressing! The sunflowers were beautiful and the birds were very happy.

Birds are very smart creatures. They don’t eat every seed that they pick from the flower. They bury the seeds as well. This ensures they will have something to eat next spring-fall, and when you live in California, something for the birds to eat throughout the year. My neighbor informed me last year that she had Sunflowers in her back yard and she did not plant them. Then I saw some pop up in parts of my yard where I know I didn’t plant any.

One of the Many Sunflowers that are Popping Randomly

I have this super steep hill that doesn’t like to grow anything, except weeds! This year as I was making my weed rounds around the yard I noticed a grove of sunflowers sprouting up on that stubborn hill. Amazing. If I want to have anything grow on that hill, I guess I will just have to ask the birds to plant them. They have the magic touch.

A Small Grove of Sunflowers Planted by the Birds
This stately Sunflower stands over 8 feet tall and is just beginning to bud.
I call it the Ambassador to my garden.

I expect by next year Sunflowers will be filling this entire neighborhood. That’s not a bad thing at all.


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