Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From Trash to a Treasure

How to go from this:
Old Soda Fountain Chair

And this:

To This

Instructions below:
You will need: gloves, sandpaper, spray paint, epoxy and clamps.
Wearing protective gloves, remove all old wood from the soda fountain chair. It will fall apart so remember how it goes back together.

Sand any loose paint and rust off the metal finish with 80 grit sand paper.

Spray paint the metal with your favorite coordinating color. It may need many coats. Spray a thin layer to avoid drips.

The plate of my tea cup pot is going to be the base for my chair seat. I no longer need screws to attach the plate. I will use epoxy. Place the plate upside down near the corner of a counter and place the back of the seat on the bottom of the plate. The back of the seat will be hanging off the counters.

Place a small amount of epoxy between the metal tabs and the plate and clamp in place.

Place the base of the chair onto the middle of the upside down plate and epoxy in place.
Allow the epoxy to sit overnight. In the mean time pull your topiary out of the tea cup pot, shake out any loose soil and give the roots a good hair cut. Replace back into the teapot with new soil and fertilize. Trim and wrap the ivy around the heart shaped frame to give it new life. Your plant will thank you.
The next day you can put your plant on its base and voila! –this is what you have.


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